Mamuka Mamulashvili, the commander of the "Georgian national Legion".

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the Cyborgs-2015 - art project about the heroes of our time.

Economist and specialist in international law. Educated first at home then in France. President of the national Federation of the mixed single combats of Georgia.

Every sentence is calm and dignity. Overall impression - confident, cute and very charming 37-year-old Georgian.

When the Maidan revolution raged, the Georgian team participated in the world Cup on MMA (MMA — from the English. Mixed Martial Arts - mixed martial arts). Then the boys took 3rd place. The award came with Ukrainian flags, announced that they support the Maidan and the will of the Ukrainian people.

- How did you get into this war?

- When the war began, I brought a few like-minded people, with whom we have established a fighting unit - the "Georgian national Legion". From the first days of the war began to participate in combat operations across the front line, at different positions were supported by military and the police. The children were trained on the frontline.

- Who serve in the Legion?

- In the Legion only Georgians. Only now, for the first time, we have allowed people with non-Georgian nationality in the Legion: we were joined by the Italian and the French, and soon to be two Ukrainians.

- What is the salary of the soldiers of the Legion?

- The soldiers of our Legion was never paid and does not pay. We refused any salary. We help our families and, of course, volunteers.

- Where do you get weapons and ammunition?

- Weapons trophy. In the early days at the front managed to recapture the Donetsk separatists is a warehouse. Still use. This is more than enough. Military equipment there, because basically perform reconnaissance and sabotage tasks in enemy territory. This is the main objective of the Legion. Although had to participate in positional battles.

- What in Georgia, what are you doing?

- Feel the support of their countrymen, but not of the official authorities. The current Georgian government is Pro-Russian. They are certainly not happy with what we do. Once in the Legion died the first Georgian fighter in Georgia started to work on the bill on criminal punishment for participation in illegal armed formations outside the country. Now this law has been adopted, and they could go back to Georgia, we can't, there we were waiting for criminal liability. Thus, fighting on several fronts: with Russia - in the truest sense, and now with the government of Georgia. And with provocateurs, which are sending the Legion to discredit us. We still manage to survive and not to spoil his name.

- Are you planning to become citizens of Ukraine?

- Ukrainian citizenship of us. Remain citizens of Georgia. The only thing you need is a residence permit. There are moments that humiliate, for example, the period of authorized stay in Ukraine for three months. But, as you know, the guys been here for more than a year and a half. When trying to go to Georgia pay the fine. Morally it is bad for fighters. We know why we are here, and for that you have to pay a fine.

- How many guys lost?

- Today, in the East of Ukraine killed five Georgians, one of them in a Legion or two.

- How do You feel about the current truce on the front?

- Truce – one of the tricks of Russia, designed to lower its guard. The same scenario played out in Georgia. In Abkhazia was the same situation – declared truce, Georgia took their weapons, and on the second day, Russia began a counterattack. So occupied Abkhazian region. Russia is trying to weaken the Ukrainian army, then to make a breakthrough. But I think that today the Ukrainian army is much more experienced and will not fall for this provocation.

- Recently argued the need for freezing the conflict.

- This conflict cannot be frozen. Must be a political will to avoid a freezing of the conflict. This is very important. Not supposed to get caught. The aggressor should be withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine.

- Your opinion about the Ukrainian army.

- Today the Ukrainian army is one of the most combat-ready armies in the world. The experience gained for a year and a half, is priceless. The Ukrainians have trait - they are very quick to learn, and learn fast. In contrast, for example, from Georgians. Georgians are very hard to control and something to teach. Consider, for example, that for a year and a half the volunteer battalions became one of the most efficient fighting forces in the world. I think today the Ukrainian army is much stronger than Russian. I think Russia today already there are no fantasies that it will be possible to move the front line. Today they occupy a third of a third of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. They need these areas to smoke, to build a great wall, for which they will never be able to go.

- But the Georgian Legion because fighting guys from Chechnya?

- Except for the Georgians there is a battalion named Dzhokhar Dudayev. Very nice people, we collaborate with them. Actually Russia has done one good thing. With the Chechens we are constantly trying to break. Today, Russia has United these two people and she created the liberation army of the Caucasus. Already formed the backbone of people who will continue to fight the Russian occupation in the Caucasus.

- Your attitude to Russia's participation in the Syrian conflict?

In Syria we are not talking about the energy, nor about protecting anyone. Today, the reputation of Putin as the peace policy, has suffered. It's just a stratagem by which he tries to demonstrate the power that Russia is no more, although it is unlikely she was. A lot of people pushing it in one direction and then in the other side with one goal - not to fall face in the dirt.

- How and when will end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine?

- We are going to win definitely and unconditionally. I think this is a matter not of years but of the near future.

September 19, 2015. Mamuka Mamulashvili awarded the title of "national Hero of Ukraine" and was awarded the first non - governmental award-the order "national Hero of Ukraine".

photo by Roman Nikolayev

Source: «Кіборги - 2015» / Cyborgs - 2015


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