Expectations, fluctuations, meetings and appointments.


10 hot days in may.


Recently turned 820 years since the first recorded appearance of the name Ukraine. The main problem of Ukraine's history is the issue of intellectual property right. This is theft of the country's name.


This interview with an officer of one of the spetsnaz units of the National guard "Censor.NET" forced to give without his real name - he's still in the service and does not like publicity. Since the beginning of April to August, he took part in many military operations in the area of anti-terrorist operations, almost always being at the front. Achieved significant results. They don't like publicity, but I asked him to tell about the fighting experience, to tell the plain language about the psychology of the unit commander, regarding the organization of combat operation.


They say that history repeats itself. That's about it. Mutiny in the spring, the catastrophe in the summer. Betrayal of staff, poor logistics, the instability forces. Russian Imperials, officers, Chechens, the don and Kuban Cossacks in the Ukraine. Ukrainian volunteers, anything from organizing resistance. Battle for Volnovaha, Berdyansk, Mariupol, due to the frequent congresses and elections.

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