We were "bludgeoning" one enemy machine, and they turned two. On the left side - closed BMD, with a machine gun shoots the territory and the militants resort: sitting on a field, something with each other "Lescaut". Jack was lying in the grass, and we agreed that it technique is striking, and all the cleaning I do, so he had the car drifts left from the grenade launcher, and I have right to "communicate" with the machine. It happened that one BMD we set on fire, and the second was taken. And fighters - they are like frightened geese, is a real no resistance. I one killed, one wounded and the third escaped.


Yury Bondar. Call Sign "Shaman". Medical volunteer. 29. Jura was awarded the order of national Hero of Ukraine during the awarding ceremony on 4 June in Sophia.


Vitaly Yurchuk, call sign "Old". 43. "Why that handle? So I have it since 2001, still laughing -- quite a young man. -- Then in the 13th battalion of the 95th brigade began hiring contractors. I formed the division was the most senior. And so it went -- "Old" Yes "Old".


Lily Bolbat (Liliya Ukrainian). To help the army beginning in early may, when in Mariupol was part of the 72nd brigade.


Folk Hero Oleg Davydenko. Has Callsign "Chub" – because with "herring" like this one was. However, the guys immediately deciphered: "man, killing Bilatu".

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