The author, who is the art center of Y. Grether – Daria Marchenko, once again surprises his new job.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the Art center Jacob grether

The painting was created in response to the events of 2014 in Ukraine, when Russia has shown aggression and attacked the Eastern part of the country, thereby creating the largest military conflict in Europe since the second world war and threatened world security. The war continues for more than a year and claimed the lives of more than 30 thousand people...

Director of the art center of J. Grether and gallery "Manufactura" Leonora Yanko says: "My first experience with Daria was my project for the Berlin Museum MAUERMUSEUM - Museum HAUS AM CHECKPOINT CHARLIE, her current work "Sign traffic lights regulation" became the first work got in the permanent collection of this Museum. Marchenko is a sensitive artist, quickly reacting to changes in our country and the world, and from personal communication with the author will say that I'm proud of the acquaintance with this great personality".

This anti-war painting, the size h cm, is of great historical significance. It's made out of shell casings taken from different parts of the front. Unique in its kind and unique in the world, mosaic installation, which depicts the face of a cynical policy of a tyrant Vladimir Putin, is the first work in this technique and style and has conceptual, philosophical sense:

"It would not have covered the war, and how would it look - it consists of the lives of innocent people".

The peculiarity of this work is that this work has the extraordinary ability to change the colors and facial expressions, depending on the change in light. The portrait has a lot of characters, which can be considered fate, fear, pride, cruelty and hatred, regret and confusion, the willingness to destroy the world (by clicking on the "button") or even to stand before God's judgment for their deeds. In fact, this portrait symbolizes the emotional diversity of the war.

Just installation is about 5000 shell casings of different calibers for different types of weapons used in the line of fire.

Each element that makes up the portrait, could take away or to save the life of a soldier, one way or another to be his fate.

Thus, on the canvas you can see the mystery, energizing of war, consisting of its elements: gunpowder, lead, steel, bronze, brass, copper and zinc, in combination with oil and acrylic paints.

The picture calls to think everyone who picks up a weapon on the role of bloody political ambitions in the history of civilization and that there is nothing more valuable than human life.

Daria Marchenko – Master 3D Optical Illusions, the Head of the Department of Culture in International Diplomatic Council in Ukraine. The organizer of many cultural and charitable activities. But primarily positioned itself as an artist, traveler and writer. The mission of her work – conflict resolution in the world and harmonization.

Also Daria became the participant of the large-scale international project "Alternative. Ukraine – reality and future", he showed the European audience that Ukraine is talented and original nation with decent authors.

Now the work of Daria Marchenko, inspired by travel and the philosophy of being presented at the exhibition of abstract painting "Unlimited perfection" at the art center of J. Grether.

















Source: Facebook Арт-центр Якова Гретера

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