International Charitable Foundation "Glory to Ukraine" was founded with the purpose of facilitating the strengthening of National and information security of Ukraine. 
Ukraine for the first years of independence were faced with the decision of undeclared hybrid war, which has clear signs of external aggression. The defenders of the Fatherland honorably fulfilling their military duty for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its internationally recognized borders. The soldiers of the Ukrainian army is the patriots, who have immense strength, courage, selflessness. Our wonam need support in logistical equipped. Therefore, the priorities of our Foundation will support the financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the volunteer units and special forces of Ukraine, to the level of equipment, logistical support, which will meet the highest European and world standards, treatment and rehabilitation of advocates of Ukraine.

Will help the Ukrainian Army together!
Together to the end! Together to Victory!

Glory To Ukraine!

                              The President Of The International Charity Fund "Glory To Ukraine" Vitaliy Boyko

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